Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back in Calgary.

The jet-lag combined with the complete fall from grace after having a blast for 4 months is putting me in a bit of a sad mood.

The trip was amazing, but now I miss my dad a ton. The fact that the three of us bawled at the airport for about 15 minutes before we left didn't help the situation.

I'll get used to being home in a few days. My sister and I have pretty much moved into our new apartment, but I won't be full-time living there until Thursday.

I was going to start at an office job tomorrow, but I spent my entire trip dreading it, so I called today and told them I'd found another job. Andre contacted me while I was in Europe, and offered me a promotion at the store, so I will be back selling wine next Monday. For now. *sigh*

Hey! I called today and got digital phone service (which starts on Thursday), which means unlimited free long-distance to anywhere in North America any time!!!! If you want my new #, or want me to call you, send me an e-mail (, and we'll chat until the cows come home (or until I fall asleep from mega-jet-lag).

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niccib said...

sounds like you had a swell time. Got your postcard in the mail today, brightened my day for sure! :)

I will email you sometime this week!