Saturday, October 08, 2005

High fashion on the streets of Europe.

I've been here a week now, and am happy to announce that I am now up-to-date on the latest trends, as they seem to hit over here a good six months before they hit North America.
Here's what I have noticed:

-Black and chocolate brown together. Melony would be furious.
-The tightest pants in the world tucked into tall boots. Very few people pull this off successfully. Very few.
-Shorts and huge belts worn in place of skirts at nightclubs. Being that my legs are about as stubby as they come, I'm pretty positive that I'll never be wearing this.

What would I like to see as the next big trend? Getting really fat. All of a sudden, people that were surviving on three grapes and a cracker a day (*cough* my sister *cough*) would be calling their friends and going "Yeah, I just ate a whole cake in an attempt to fit into my awesome new Gucci Fat pants".

Be back in a week!


Anonymous said...

sara d here,
gucci fat pants ha. that one was hilarious. i will be using that one and not giving you any credit, so people will think i am that witty. if you have a problem drop by oklahoma and give me a punch in the stomach. then hug me cause i miss you. 720 E Mansur, Guthrie, ok 73044. i would like to put in a request for a fabulous postcard. (if anyone in cyberspace wants to come and kill me they should know my boyfriend is an unemployed bodybuilder and i have a crazy pitbull named archie who has already been shot he thinks everyone is going to shoot him, so he doesn't warm to strangers very well, especially those who want to assualt and maim me.)

niccib said...

Sarah D....that comment just made my day. I miss your crazy ways!

I tried to leave a comment on your journal one time but it didn't allow me now I am talking to you courtsey of Sarah P's journal, so the same message comes from me, only I'd rather a punch in the face complete with bloody nose so that when I hug you I can bleed all over you...hahahaha

England sounds swell! Enjoy it! :)

Jenny said...

HI I MISS YOU SO MUCH, i hape your having fun... and i too am into high calorie fashion! Fat is the new thin... everyone is doing it... lets start the trend, ill put on at least 100-120 lbs by the end of winter it will be perfect or summer fashion! postcard me upp!!! Jenny Junk..232 e. 11th Apt A, Fremont NE 68025 USA LOVE YOU

Hookman said...

Fat is the new thin? For the first time I am in fasion!