Thursday, October 20, 2005

Posting photos like it was my job.

Okay, so here is a few of the photos from my crappy digital camera. I have a whole bunch of black and white stuff that'll be ready on Tuesday (damn those non-one-hour photo places), and I'll scan some of those later on. For now: European vacation photos (Part 1).

This photo is actually just a proof that I took, and later re-created on film. This was by the palace in London.
These are wacky little glass figures that I found in Amsterdam. The artist does some really amazing stuff (
Ireland is sooo green and beautiful. It's snowing in Calgary right now *sigh*.
The roof of a canal boat in Amsterdam. It made me happy.
The canals at night.

Rainy London.
The "ooooh I'm in London" shot.
The river and parliament buildings (Big Ben!).
My sister and I being about as touristy as we can be.
My dad, sister, and I in Cardiff, where our roots lie.

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