Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Short weekends are for chumps (A Retrospective)-Part 1

Long weekends? So much fun.
Saturday made it happen.

It all started with Jess and I scaling down 12 flights of stairs...

...Into a waterfall.

We head over to Broken, and the dancefloor is already entertaining.

What were we drinking again, Chris? Oh, yes. Right.

I got all amped up, because Lucky Lager, Marco, and dancefloors are totally some of my favorite things (just joking about the Luckies.... I drink them because they're the best option on a budget).

You two....

Why do well-dressed Japanese kids (like, literal kids) love hanging out with us so much?

Jess.... Racing down stairs, taking over the dancefloor, hailing cabs. Is there anything she can't do?

I spent a full day on Sunday on the couch watching MTV, because I knew that Sunday night was going to be a whole new adventure.

~sarah p.

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