Saturday, April 16, 2005

Can't believe I forgot to tell you guys....

Okay, so my dad came over from Ireland at the end of last month for a very quick visit. On Easter night, he took us out for sushi. There we were, enjoying our spicy tuna rolls (cucumber for my dad, who is vegan), and my dad says to us, "Girls, we have to talk about something". In my head, I'm all like "Oh, cripes, what now?', but then he's all like "I think it's time that you girls came over for a visit". Turns out, in the last two weeks of September, two weeks after I return from Connecticut, my dad is flying us into London for a visit. Here's the kicker: my sister, who is 20, has never been overseas....By her age, I had been to Europe twice. So, my dad wants to make this trip count. He is buying us Eurorail passes, and we have quite the adventure. It will all begin in London, then we'll travel to Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, then track back to Ireland, and eventually fly back out of London.
It should be a great trip, as I've only seen a couple of the places we'll be visiting.
...Pretty jazzed about the whole thing.

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niccib said...

WOW~! That's insane!! I am so jelous!! I haven't been overseas either... :( maybe someday!