Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dear Emily Eddy,

I'm not even going to pretend to know where your coolness starts and where it ends....I'm probably like one of the world's top twenty Monopoly players, and even I can't figure it out. Thanks for being so gosh-darned entertaining.

So, I went to HiFi last night, like usual, but it had been the last day of classes for the university kids, so the club was packed. Allison and I don't believe in the whole "VIP" bullshit, so we wait in line like everyone else. We waited for a long while, but met some super cool chicks in line. So, we finally get in, and I see Dwayne, and my friendship crush, Jodie, and all of the other regulars...However, it was a strange night, as the bar was full of people that weren't sure why they were there, and they stood there looking lost, thinking to themselves "When are they going to play some 50 Cent?" (not that there's anything wrong with 50 Cent....It's just not HiFi appropriate music). So, Allison and our friend Chris got a table, and I ran off to dance. After a bit, I went back to the table to see how things were going, and I see this dude talking to Chris. Allison tells me that it's Raylen Dekker, who I haven't seen since I was probably 14. Raylen was the son of a director, and was pretty much a "cool kid" back in the day. He dated my friend, Kasey, for a couple of years. He asked me about my mandarin, and I told him that I could still speak it, but my writing was fading quite a bit. Then, we went to dance....Pretty sure he tried to make a move, but I just wasn't having it. I learned that when I dance, I "jiggle" quite a bit, and it could get me in some serious trouble, as some dudes can't avert their eyes from my jiggling. Guys, I think I have a dancing problem....I can't stop (especially when Rob Faust, the DJ, busts out some Ray Charles...Allison knows what I'm talking about).

Anyway, I got a little out-of-control, and didn't take any photos (sorry guys)...Promise some next week, okay?

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porkdisco said...

Somebody told me you posted about me. I feel so special...thank you. message me sometime plz