Thursday, April 14, 2005


I have never really been a superstitious person, but yesterday a ladybug landed on my shoulder. I was told by my great grandmother, when I was a very small child, that if a ladybug lands on you, it is a good omen, and you should make a wish. "Fair enough", I though, "What should I wish for?"
I have great friends, a great family, and my job is not too bad, so in a fully greedy move, I wished for some money....Not a ton of money, just a little bit of money to get me through until I leave for camp.
...Today, I filed my taxes online, and I am getting over $500 back! I have never had such a large tax return, but there's no way that I made a mistake. This will make life much, much easier. I'll probably even be able to afford to send my stuff to camp early, so that I won't have to carry it on the plane to New York.

On that note, I'm buying my plane ticket tomorrow, and will arrive in NYC in the morning of June 14th, which means that you can expect me in CT by late afternoon...I can't wait to see the one of the Ebner vehicles round the corner to pick me up.

I talked to Jared online the other night, and it made me pretty camp-sick.

Nicole, I am so proud of you!!!

Allison, is everything okay? Please call me, and I'll take you out for pancakes, mmm-kay?


niccib said...

awww you are so sweet! :P

I am getting excited for camp too. It's going to be a wicked summer!! :)

Glad you enjoyed the pics! haha

Tyler said...

Sarah, you should so come down to southern CT and visit my town of extreme boredom

sarah p. said...

Ty-lah, when are you showing up to camp this year? Will you be late for pre-week again?

Tyler said...

Probably, My school sucks and we got like 50 snow days, so I'll mosty likely be a few days late to precamp week.

I still think you should swing on down to the kickin' redding