Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have seen the most magical place on earth....

....and it comes in the form of Buzz's barn. You know all of the times where I've said that Buzz has everything? Turns out that I'm 100% right...After visiting the barn, I learned that I wasn't exaggerating, even when I thought I was.
I'm ready to get the adoption papers and make it official... I need Buzz to be my grandpa.
I found an old 126 camera, and was able to play a game of Dr. Gank with it.

I've really been having a fantastic summer, and a lot of it is due to some pretty unlikely characters. Ditto's is way over....

Friday should be a great day...More later.

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Tyler said...

You are right, The barn was quite a magical place. Also, Dr. Gank is quite possibly one of the greatest games on the planet.