Monday, August 22, 2005

This one time at band camp:

Before I start, let me warn you....This will be a long post.
There are a million things I want to write about, but I think a good way to start off is a nice story about last evening...The CITs will appreciate this one:

At about 6PM last night, I had Teamonade on my mind.... I grabbed the girls, and we began the long trek to Wood's Pit BBQ. Jenny had already ran off to Ditto's at 2PM, but Melony and Sarah B were ready to try some for-real Teamonade. I'd made them a bastardized version in the dining hall, but it was time they had the real-deal. We walked for an hour to Wood's Pit, and when we got there, and the waitress asked us if we needed a minute to decide on our beverages....Doubt it! Three Teamonades, please.
I told the girls that they had no choice....As soon as she brought the Teamonade, in an homage to Kev Sweeting, we had to down our first glass as quick as we could. We drank Teamonade like it was our job...We probably had six or seven glasses each. Luckily, Teamonade is as close to heaven as I've ever been, so the glasses went down pretty smoothly. However, after a lovely meal, it was time to leave. You know what that means.... No more Teamonade.
We weren't ready to leave our Teamonade yet, but we needed to start walking back to camp. There was only one solution...We needed to steal an entire pitcher of Teamonade. As soon as we paid the bill, and the waitress turned around, Sarah B threw the pitcher under her sweater, and we ran out. We spent the entire hour-long walk back sharing a pitcher of Teamonade. At first, we used straws, but then we realized that Teamonade was so much better straight out of the jug....It was probably one of the best hour-long walks of my life....Wish you guys were here . :(

Okay, back to the start of the post. Yesterday, the campers left in the morning, and I was having a pretty rough time with all the goodbyes. However, Sarah B and I were able to hold it together most of the morning...That is, until about noon, when all of the CITs left at once. That's when we both lost it. We turned our backs on the cars that were pulling away, and both burst into tears. It was the first time I'd cried on the last day of camp in three years. We spent most of the day bringing up awesome memories to each other with tears in our eyes. The goodbyes this year were 50 times harder than the past two years, and I'm not sure why....
All I know is that I can't watch the slideshow on the front page of the Awosting site right now...It's too hard. It probably doesn't help that I have a ton of downtime right now, so my mind has time to wander.

We went to Ditto's last night, the first time for me in a while. I bought the girls a pitcher, but didn't drink any...I wasn't feeling great, and was really tired and sad, and knew I couldn't handle my liquor at that time. The Chinqueka girls were there, and once again, were angry at us for no reason. I'll never understand why they hate us so much...
There were a ton of people that had been there since mid-afternoon, and were belligerently drunk by the time we arrived at 10...It was pretty entertaining for a while, as they kept screaming camp songs, and annoying the locals....Keep in mind that I said "for a while", because after a while, it was so out-of-hand that our table sang taps to calm them down.

Then, when we arrived home, the band kids were being so amazingly loud that Melony and I paid Sarah B $5 each to drop the hammer on the girls in cabin 2 at 2:30AM. Then, at 5:30, I woke up because something hit me in my face. I turned on my bedside light, and sure enough, there was a bat flying around in my room. He had snuck in through the window that was above the other bed in my room. I had forgotten that there was a huge hole in the screen for things to crawl into my room. Anyway, I normally don't mind bats much at all, but this bat wasn't like the photo-cabin bats that fly around all slow because they're all stoned from the stop-bath fumes. No, this bat was flying around my tiny little room like a maniac. I tried to make a move toward the door, but the bat kept flying into my back and arms and chest, and I started to get really freaked out. I hid under the covers, and it took me over an hour to get up the courage to run out of the room. I woke up the girls, and by that time, the bat, that was now locked in my room, was by the hole in the window screen where he came in. Melony helped me shut the window, and at about 7AM, I was able to get back to sleep for an hour.

At 8, we had to get up and get Sarah B and Melony ready to leave. Jenny stayed behind, but I went to the airport. I was horrible to say goodbye to the girls, but I held it together much better today than yesterday. Then, Buzz and I totally became best friends on the ride back. I think he wants to adopt me now. Buzz is #1!!!!

Tonight, Jenny, T-Rex, Waldo, Tucci, and I went to Popey's for Ice Cream, and had some pretty great camp-inappropriate discussions.

I have to say goodbye to Jenny tomorrow, and that's probably when it will all hit home the most...I'm not looking forward to it, trust me.

Hope everyone got home safe, please e-mail or comment and let me know.
I miss you all so, so much.
All my love.

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Miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!