Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Word on the street.....

...Is that I just may have the nicest tan of all time...Ever.

I've already been to the beach twice, and I'm sure I'll go a million times more before my month is up.

How are things going here in NC? I'm having one of the easiest and hardest times ever. If you understand why I'm here, then you will understand that it can certainly be a huge challenge at times, but the good times are really, really good.

I miss everyone an insane amount, and hope everyone is doing fantastic...
Nicole (the best nurse in the entire state of NH)...Are you there yet? Are things going well?
Melony... Are you in Italy yet?
Tuccis....When do you leave for France? Are you excited about all of the magical cheese you will get to eat?

Sorry I've been bad at keeping in touch (and updating)...Things have been hectic to say the least.

I love you guys and miss you all more than you'll ever know.


Niccib said...

Do I even want to know about the anon. comments? What's that all about?

I am leaving on Friday, will be there this weekend. I will email you when I am connected!

Miss you tons and glad to hear things are going well.

PS I swam in the Northumberland Straight yesterday, pretty sure it was still "The WARMEST SALT WATERS NORTH OF THE CAROLINAS!" so really we have been swimming in the bestest warmest waters around!
take care! talk to you soon!

sarah p. said...

Yeah...Um the anon poster? Pretty sure it's some auto-spam or something, but still pretty lame (although I did enjoy the post about an 'ebony booty' blog).
Hope you have the safest tarvels in the world!!!
Miss you so much.

sarah p. said...

and by 'tarvels', I mean travels.

kate said...

cheese eating commences on september 12!

Tyler said...

Jeez'e Sarah, why don't you wonder what happened to me after the summer ended. I mean, We taught photo together. DOESN'T THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU. GOD, YOUR SO SELFISH, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU.
Oh, I'm just kidding. anyways, check my myspace (and get one), there is a picture of you me and MAtty Denstead.