Saturday, September 03, 2005

Still.... the high life, feeling tan-fabulous, and missing camp a ton.

Not much else to say, really. Went shopping for a bit yesterday, and bought three handmade shirts from a store called Edge of Urge, and I'm sure I'll buy more clothes over the next month, which means that I'll be looking pretty fresh by the time I get back home.

The ocean is beautiful here, and for tiny moments in time, actually makes me miss the west coast (not enough for me to move back yet).

I've had a ton of time to think, and wonder where I'll end up over the next year (10 months, actually) before camp. Every year that I've been back, I've been living in a different city...I have an odd wanderlust that keeps me on the go. However, this year, I might just get enough travel in my system so that I don't have to actually pack up my things and move. I'm off to Europe soon, then home for a few months, then off to some tropical locale, courtesy of my no-longer-alive great grandmother. Then, I'll be back to camp in June...I already can't wait!

Hope all is well with you guys, I miss you all a ton (except, of course, my non-romantic life-partner of the moment, Mr. Paul Whitehouse, who sees me probably more than he cares to in a day).

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