Saturday, September 10, 2005

Aww... :(

I just got the news that my oldest cat, Thelma, passed away this morning in her sleep. I don't mean to be a total wuss, but the news made me quite sad.

...At least I won't have to lie to landlords anymore and tell them that I "only have one cat".


kate said...

my heart goes out to you :(

hope louise is ok with the loss.


sarah p. said...

Thanks so much, Kate...I knew if anyone would understand, it would be the Tuccis.
There are times that I wonder if Louise even knew Thelma existed, so I think she'll be okay.
It's a very sad thing, but Thelma was quite old, and passed quietly in her sleep.
Once again, thanks.

Tyler said...

I'm Sorry Sarah, I rememeber what it was like when I found my cat, Matilda, on my floor. Cats rule, there hard to say goodbye. Its good that it was while she was asleep, My cat was sleeping on my bedroom floor when she passed.
Well, I'm sorry, losing a pet really sucks.

sarah p. said...

Thanks, Tyler :).