Monday, May 28, 2007

Dirtfoot and "lobsters".

I drop a crazy amount of dimes in a month on clothes and shoes, and these dirty loafers are still my favorite thing ever (p.s.-yes, that is genuine berber carpet, and this is why I'm hot sonnnnnn). I don't wear them out anymore on a regular basis, because people look visibly disgusted when I do, but I still love them with my whole heart. Imagine the outfit possibilities! When they used to be white, they went with pretty much everything in my closet, which is not saying much because I really don't dress myself very well, but every time I try on an outfit, I find myself thinking: "You know what would make this better?".....

I bought the loafers at Zeller's for $12.00 ($12.84 with tax), and I think it's time for a new pair. So, my question is:
(a) Do you think they still make these shoes? One time a while ago, when I went to the horse track, I saw an old lady that was wearing a black version of the loafers (and a ton of sequins), so there may be hope.
(b) Why didn't I check at the Zeller's when Dylan and I went there for lunch on Sunday (which was essentially the worst idea either of us has had in a while)?

This week, I ended up with a gift card to the mall, so I know what I'll probably be spending it on.

We went out for my sister's birthday last night, and guess where we went? Red. Lobster.
Dylan informed me that Red Lobster is Flava Flav's favorite restaurant, and I had no idea that my sister and Flav had so much in common. The waiter was stoned out of his mind, and looked like he had slept in a dumpster the night before. I don't think the lobster was even real... It was probably some form of red cockroach or something. Nonetheless, I rolled myself out of there when the meal was done.
So, with Zeller's providing lunch, and Red Lobster providing dinner, I kinda wanted to spend the majority of today curled up in a little ball in one of the exam rooms at work. I'm eating nothing but salad for the next few days, guys.

~sarah p.

p.s. Look at my chubby little nubs! It even makes me laugh a bit, and I'm stuck with them for life.

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