Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nuthin' But Llamas.

It had already been a pretty intense week. Work is stressful like every single day, and my dad was visiting from Ireland. So, after spending most of my first day back to work after the long weekend helping semi-illiterate prostitutes fill out CPS reports, I needed a bit of a break.
When my sister came over that night, she suggested that we go out to see her horse, which is on a llama farm.... I jumped at the chance. So long as it's only once a year or so, going to a llama farm is one of the funnest things I can think of that doesn't involve drinking, dancing, or staying up late.

Anyone who grew up in Calgary, especially if you were a stone-cold city kid, will have some memories about Butterfield Acres, which was a farm that my broke-ass elementary would take us to every year as our one and only field trip. You'd go there, and an old-timey man would take you around, and you'd get to see a hog as big as a door, plus you'd weave and bake bread and write with quills and run batshit around with some animals.
They would also let you milk a goat, which honestly always terrified me, because I'd always get the most ass-crazy goat in the joint, and she'd kick over the bucket or try and bite me or kick me in the face. Then, we'd have to go back to the school and write in our journals about it.

Since then, I've certainly grown out of my minor fears of farm animals, and I was pretty stoked to get out to see some llamas.

At farms, there are always haystacks. Haystacks make me sneeze, and usually make my throat start to swell later in the night.

Plus, there's danger around every corner. It's like a rust-party around there.

There were posters like this up all over the wall, and I drank an Olympia beer with a for-real farmer!

Then, I saw a cat on an ATV in the barn, and it made me laugh for a really long time.

I got tired of the barn, so I went out to see some llamas.

It didn't feel like I was getting the true llama experience, so I went inside of their cage, and my sister was all like "be careful".

....and I was all like "don't even worry about it, these suckers are running away from me".

See you next year, llama farm!

~sarah p.

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Crystyle said...

I like the smiling Llama!!!