Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Garbage-Flus and Freestyles.

My head hurts, I ache all over, and I can't breathe through my nose... It's been two months, but I'm back to doing what I do best: getting sick.

Spending eight hours a day in an optometrist's office means that I get a lot of face-to-face time with all kinds of people. This means that every day, people's germs make the long trek from their mouth onto my face, where they crawl in through my nose, and leave me wishing I'd just stayed home in bed. My Lyme's Disease-riddled body can't handle germs (yeah, I haven't had Lyme's since 2005, but my immune system is still in rough shape), and things are about to get so much worse.

I've never really thought of myself as a charming person, but from time-to-time, I can trick people into thinking I'm responsible, compassionate, and mature (ssssssssssike!).

Tuesday morning, I went in for an interview at a non-profit non-insured health clinic. To put it plainly, I'd have a job where I'd be assisting with health exams for young mothers, new Canadians, and hobos. They called me this morning and let me know that I had gotten the job.
This means that instead of the normal colds and flus that I pick up on a regular basis, I'll now be catching all sorts of foreign bird diseases and garbage-flus instead. I better stock up on kleenex, guys.

~sarah p.

p.s. To celebrate my passage into a for-real adult job, I'm going to go drop some bills on some new kicks. Now, I want some neon Reebok Freestyles (maybe green or yellow, but hot pink would be best), but everyone says that they're u-g-l-y. I still think that's probably the path I'm going to take (unless anyone has any better ideas... Guys?), because I'm under the impression that Reebok is so uncool that they're actually cool again. I try to apply that theory to most of the stuff I wear, and in my delusional little mind, I'm generally pretty stoked on my disgusting-ass outfits. I apologize to those of you that actually have to be seen out in public with me.

p.p.s. Things have been going really, really great for me lately.... Almost a little too great. If you enjoy me at all, then you might want to spend as much quality time with me as possible in the next little bit, because I'm almost positive that I'm about to get hit by a bus.

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