Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meeting in the BORED room.

Today I went to my very first meeting in our for-real boardroom. Fuuuuuck.

...It's not like I haven't been to staff meetings before at other jobs, but they were usually the kind that were under 20 minutes long, and had topics that included things like: we can't drink Bailey's in the mornings anymore because the boss is catching on, and why it's not okay (or why it is okay, depending on the job) to show your ass-crack at work.
This meeting was a whole lot different. It was three hours full of words like "funding", "fundraiser", and "surgical allotments". People took notes, and they even e-mailed me a summary of the meeting this afternoon (to my work e-mail address, which is something that I totally have now).

Everyone else was pretty amazing at pretending like they were paying attention. I did my best to look interested, but honestly spent most of the meeting picturing my co-workers without clothes (not pretty), thinking about how much I love summer, doing my best to try and remember all of the words to Geto Boys jams, and piecing together this weekend's outfits in my head. I really feel like I accomplished a lot, even if none of it was work-related.
As a matter of fact, it looks as if meetings are really my only downtime at my new job, so I think I might actually kind-of enjoy them afterall.

If you see me out this weekend, dancing around like I normally do (and you will), please pour some extra booze down my throat. I think the stress is already taking it's toll on my weekly fun-quotient.

~sarah p.

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