Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation... For real this time!

It's been a full two years since I've been out of this city. I realize that the concept of not taking any vacations for two whole years, even shitty ones, is totally foreign to the majority of people, but please consider the following:
1. I've been dirt-poor since the day I left my family's cozy house at the age of seventeen.
2. Nobody loves me enough, nor am I attractive or likable enough, to be handed a free or inexpensive trip.
3. I'm outstandingly bad with money, and spend most of my extra coins on clothes and shoes and booze.

That being said, I booked a flight this evening... Man, am I ever glad I tricked Mastercard into trusting me.
Yes, it's true. In just over a month, I'll be heading out to America's heartland, Nebraska, where I'll be taking a road-trip over to Oklahoma City to participate in the wedding of the century. Let me just take this moment to thank Jenny Junk for actually being okay with having to spend eight hours in the car with me, two ways. I could be wrong, but I'd assume, from my lack of road-trip invites over the years, that most people would rather be anally raped with a brick than sit in car with me for any length of time. However, Jenny's willing to take on the responsibility. Lucky girl.
The truth is, I'm a perfect road-trip guest. I don't drive, but I buy all of the snacks, and I don't cheap out. Plus, I have great taste in music, don't talk too much (debatable, I guess, but I try to know my limits) and I usually smell quite good.... Usually. I'm glad to be back in road-trip action, particularly US road-trip action. Americans love me!

See you in a month, America. Start chilling the PBRs!

~sarah p.

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