Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Circus Circus

I've really had to come to terms with the fact that, no matter how hard I wish, the Universoul Circus is never going to come to this town.

My parents were never fans of the circus. Every time we'd see posters for the circus downtown, and my sister and I would start whining, they'd take us home and make us read National Geographic until we were too engrossed in up-close-and-personal photos of the mating habits of elephants to ever care about seeing those elephants kick a ball through a hoop. My parent's favorite trick was the old "Gross-Out, Fake-Out" maneuver. The best way to take our minds off of anything (even the circus) was to show us something that was way more interesting to our warped little minds. Unfortunately, this parenting technique only worked for short periods of time, and soon enough, I'd be thinking about the circus again.

However, somewhere throughout the years, I developed a severe hate-on for clowns.... For the most-part, I try to surround myself with straight-up cynics, so if kinda freaks me out when someone is waaaaay too happy (especially if it's a career choice). What's that? You made a balloon giraffe and popped it in someone's face? Not funny. Back to the drawing-board, clown.

Now, let's stop right there for a minute. What if the same trick was done by a guy that looked a little bit like J.J. Walker from Good Times while some Wu played softly in the background? It would be pretty much the most pleasant thing I'd ever seen.

...Mix my undying love of hip-hop into a circus environment, and going under the Big Top almost seems like a good idea for a minute.

That being said, the only way I'm ever going to see the Universoul Circus is if I mail myself in a box to my pals in North Carolina quickly. Those who know me know this is not impossible at all, but what the hell would I put into the box that says 'reason for absence' on my H.R. forms at work?

~sarah p.

p.s. Can I get a high-pitched squeal for discount Easter sweets? Those eggs taste about a million times better when they're 70% off of original price.... Ya girl knows what's up on the candy front.

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