Wednesday, May 04, 2005

All up in it.

Here are some things that are totally where it's at right now...

*My toothbrush with the little rubber nobblies in between the bristles...Like heaven in my mouth. Also, brushing your teeth in the shower. The two best personal hygiene processes combined into one....Awesome.

*Not being "too cool" for anything. The other day, this kid at work brings up Ben Folds' cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit", so I began discussing Ron's recent article on the subject. Then, I brought up the fact that I (non-ironically) know all of the word to every song on The Chronic, and he says to me "Really? I thought you were too cool for that". That's when I realized: I don't ever want to be "too cool" for anything.

*Calling up your sister and saying "Hey! I found some sauce in the fridge for you", and when she comes over, handing her a bottle of jerk sauce...Fun for the whole family! Then, feeling kinda bad, and getting her some ice cream from the freezer to make up for the hilarious joke.

*Having the owner of the store be a total ass to you for the whole day, and then having one of the managers buy you some wine at the end of the day to make up for the owner's behavior. It was a horrible day, but once the day was over, I had something to show for it. I hope this trend continues at work, and then I'll have a whole wine collection!

*You know how sometimes you totally love a song, so you repeat it over and over? Here's what's on repeat right now:
~Quantic - Don't Joke With a Hungry Man ... Probably one of my favorite tracks of all time. Do yourself a favor, and go download it.
~Amerie - 1 Thing ... This is one of those songs that will eventually be ruined by over-play on the radio, but luckily, I don't listen to the radio that much, and the stations haven't really picked it up here yet (but they me, they will). So for now, if this song comes on, you should probably just get out of my way, because I may need to bust a move.
~Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys ... Yeah, so this has been one of my favorite albums for years, but sometimes I forget to listen to my favorite albums as much as I used to. Lately I've been hooked again, and I've pretty much been rocking it everywhere I go.

*Dylan fixing my TV so I can actually use a remote with it...Even though I don't get around to watching much TV, it was pretty awesome of him! :)

*41 days until I arrive in CT...That's definitely where it's at. To be honest, though, it will probably be the hardest year yet to leave everyone behind at home. This has been a great 10 months (but I promise I'll be back in 3, okay?).


Marco said...

All of the Chronic? that's hard! i know maybe let me ride, and nothin' but a G thing, but the whole thing! dayumm. On the subject of rap covers, i assume you've heard nina gordon's (ex-veruca salt) version of straight outta compton... I hope you enjoyed the mix, and wholeheartedly agree with your approval of Quantic and Amerie. yeah, beasties too.

sarah p. said...

Yeah, that's a great cover, eh? I linked it way back in November or December.
BTW, good show tonight! Loved the De La Soul...

kate said...

Umm... I can't do math-When,exactly, can I expect your smiling face?

sarah p. said...

On June 14th @10AM. Pretty jazzed already!

Ron said...

See, that's why you're sooo damn awesome Sarah.

Because YOU get it.

No summer with you = Not so good.

I'll visit...