Thursday, May 26, 2005

Listen to me veerrrryyy closely...

Step 1- Go to this site.
Step 2- Download some mashups (I suggest the mashup "Supastar Summer of '95" for starters).
Step 3- Go shake yo' ass.

Today is my friday, and tonight I am bound to get in a bit of trouble. I will be spending the night in a limo with my pal Selina, who pretty much wins everything on the radio (not even joking, she's won 3 times this week). We're going to a crappy bar, but at least I get to pretend I'm all important. I should probably wear sunglasses to protect my identity, or people might want my autograph, right?
Anyway, my photo-sharing software is sucking it big time right now, so I may have to switch over to Flickr...We'll see. I will have some photos.

1 comment:

niccib said...

A LIMO eh! Nice!

Ask if you can have a Keith's in the back of the limo cause that would be Rockin!

Do you have a feather boa...cause that would be HOTTTTT with the shades!