Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dave Chapelle, WTF?

So, Andy tells me that the 3rd season of the show is delayed because Dave has become a devout Muslim.
Dylan tells me that he has had discrepancies with his writers.
Then, I read this.

I need you, Dave Chapelle.

...Pretty classic night, I'll post photos/stories later.


Andeeeeee said...

what are you doing up at this time? i'll get back to you soon on the dates that i'll be in NYC. MTV owns me right now, so they choose when i get to leave LA. promise we'll have a rip-roaring
sarah-andy time, yo.
miss and love you blah blah blah

Andeeeee again. said...

i still swear i'm right about chapelle. one of my writers works at comedy central.

sarah p. said...

Call me, or get on MSN right now, partner. I have an idea.

sarah p. said...

P.S. Pretty sure you're not right about him...Did you make that story up on one of your crazy Hollywood crack binges? Ummm...I totally owe you if you are right, my little superstar.

Ron said...

Time did a story on him that's in this week's edition. They went and tracked Dave down and he told them that he wasn't in some mental facility. That was all made up. His spiritual advisor is in South Africa.

Well that and because no one there has no idea who he is - and it's not like there are a dearth of black folks there - he can sorta blend in better.

sarah p. said...

I am so glad he's okay. Is it stupid that I sometimes worry about celebrities?

BTW...Andy, hate to say I told you so, but.... I'll give you some credit, he is Muslim, but his faith didn't drive him away from his comedy career. I believe the score is now Sarah-1, Andy-0.