Friday, May 13, 2005

Sauce Guides!!!

So, after reading "The Sauceguide to Gin", I realized that from now on, everything I read should begin with "The Sauceguide". Here are some titles that I'm looking forward to reading:

*The Sauceguide to Liquor That Comes in Plastic Jugs
*The Sauceguide to Keepin' it Real on a Budget
*The Sauceguide to Lip-Synching for Profit
*The Sauceguide to One-Night-Stand Etiquette
*The Sauceguide to Household Pests
*The Sauceguide to Dee Snyder
*The Sauceguide to Quantum Theory
*The Sauceguide to Rocking in the Free World


niccib said...

wow let me know how those go for you...

sarah p. said...

Okay, so maybe none of those exist, but guess what? I may have scored an extra copy of the sauceguide for my favorite nursey!
Good times.

niccib said...

you don't know just how pumped I am!