Friday, May 13, 2005

Sure I Did.

Did I score a real book today called "The Sauceguide to Gin"?

Did I go out for amaretto sours and about a billion wings tonight?

Did I get asked out a total of 6 times today? (pretty funny stuff...Don't think I'll be dating anyone that tries to pick me up in a 7-11 parking lot anytime soon)

Did I hear the worst pickup line ever today? (I had a few flowers in my hair, which is how the conversation started. This guy walks up to my till...He's a regular, and can't be more than a couple of years older than me, which makes the line even more inexcusable...He says to me "I like the flowers in your hair", and my friend Selina says: "She always has flowers in her hair", so the guy says to me: "I think I'd like to date a girl with flowers in her hair". Pretty sure I told him that I was busy for the rest of my life, so I could never date him).

Did I seriously eat my weight in food today? (I was really hungry for some reason, okay?)

Fun night, and probably a better tomorrow.


Ron said...

I'm pretty sure that you need get your self online check out "URAQT" by M.I.A. It's on the re-release of Arular by Universal that came out yesterday.

It's hot...seriously. So it's Jon B's CD. It's craziness. You can jam to it... ;)

sarah p. said...

Ron, you're the best...Thanks!!!