Monday, May 30, 2005

Dear Internet Bootcamp,

Yes, I would like to make $1000 in 3 days, but not with you guys...No more e-mails, please.

~sarah p.

If you live in Canada, you should watch MuchMoreRetro, beacuse they just played Prince, and then Michael Jackson, and then they topped it up with two canadian favorites: some old-school Alanis (prior to Jagged Little Pill, she was a Debbie-Gibson-esque pop singer, and didn't use her last name), and Mitsou (a pretty bad french-canadian pop star). Is Mitsou still around? I'll have to ask my french pals.
Anyway, I'm pretty jazzed about what they will play next.

Jenny Junk has been writing me, and that makes me even more excited to meet our newest CLC member, as I have a feeling she might be pretty darn awesome.
CLC 2005!!!


sarah p. said...

Okay, MuchMoreRetro is back from commercial, and they are playing Depeche Mode. Bravo, MuchMoreMusic...Bravo.

For all of my american pals, MuchMoreMusic is like old-school VH-1, back when they actually used to show videos.

Marco said...

Mitsou has her own show on cbc newsworld - . I've tried to watch but find it hard to sit through half an hour of a strong french-canadian accent. I wish she'd just do it in french...

sarah p. said...

Thanks, Marco!
Yeah, seriously...That accent is a bit much for an hour-long program. She should either do the show in french, or have them dub it like an old kung-fu movie. Perhaps they could use James Earl Jones as the voice-over... I could listen to that guy for HOURS.