Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What did I eat tonight?

So, I come home at 11-ish, and my stepdad had made me a nice plate of chicken and ribs. Most people would say "meh....Chicken and ribs...Whatevs". However, maybe you guys don't understand how I eat. The best word to describe it? Bad.

It's not that I don't eat healthy, it's just that I'm always eating on the run, and never get time for a proper meal. For example, how many Safeway salads have you had in the past week? A normal person might say that they've had none, or maybe one. I, on the other hand, have had 4. I spend a ton of cash on food. At the present moment, I just don't have time for a proper meal. I do eat awesome meals about three times a week...When my stepdad or Dylan cooks.

This is probably the main reason why I don't mind the camp food...It's not perfect, but at least I actually sit down when I eat!

Oh, yes.....Here's the latest: Dave Chapelle Speaks.

Here's a kickin' mix to download, which has one of my fav tracks, Guru's Surviving tha Game. I've been back into Guru (not to be confused with Jeru the Damaga, who is also top-notch) pretty heavily lately, as he's done some serious collaborations, and his solo stuff is a-ma-zing. Now get to downloading!

Soooo much respect for this dude.

Bob Saget is not Danny Tanner (seriously, not for the easily offended).

My new favorite time-waster...Overheard in New York!

Newwwwwwwww fatboy Slim video. He throws down the videos like nobody's business.



niccib said...

this one is my favorite...seems like such a Jared Comment...

It's only a couple more weeks! See you soon!!!
PS email me your postal code...your package came back to me in the mail...I don't know why...

niccib said...

It Stands for "Retarded"
Teen girl: What time does TRL tape?
Street vendor: What time do you watch it?
Teen girl: 4 o'clock.
Street vendor: What does the L stand for?

--Times Square

There I didn't know I could do that...hahahaha and I'm an IDIOT!