Thursday, February 10, 2005

Enough is enough.

Dear Hed Kandi,

This is getting ridiculous. Please stop putting out so many dance-tacular CDs. I'm not feeling well at all today, yet I can't stop dancing. Ever since I received your Winter Mix 2004, the world is my dancefloor. People are looking at me like I'm crazy when I'm off in my own world, dancing in the corner of the store or across the busy intersection. From now on, you should only make cds that I don't love. Then I won't have to own them.

sarah p.

p.s. On second thought....Please keep releasing these cds. I already have about 20 different Hed Kandi mixes, so I might as well keep the collection growing. Plus, the drawings of the girls on the covers are hotttttt (and, you know, I like the music and stuff). Bonus points for putting one of my favorite tracks of the year, Afrocatalans (Danny Marquez & Ferry B- Hardsoul Remix), on the first disk. I dare anyone to dislike that song...It's impossible!

Okay, I feel better now. I just needed to get that out of my system. Now you should all go download Afrocatalans (make sure it's the Hardsoul Emocion Tropical Treatment mix). Even if you hate house, you probably won't hate this track. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of some of my best nights out....It's not often that a song brings back so many rad memories.

You know you spend way too much time at work when everyone starts referring to your boss as your "platonic life-partner". Every day when I arrive, someone hands me a note from my boss, and makes some sort of clever joke about it being a love letter. Beyond my boss, I do spend the most time at the store, and I get teased for it. Guess it's the price you pay for getting the best hours. I only have a few months left at the store before I'm off to CT. I'm so excited!

I'm really excited to get together with Karen and Soucy. I miss those guys a ton. It will be so great to see Karen, as it was so nice to get to know her better this summer, and Soucy and I may have to go pay DJ Rice a visit sometime soon.

I'm in the middle of beginning a huge art project. It has nothing to do with photography, or painting, or drawing, or sculpting... I guess it could be considered "conceptual art". Anyway, I haven't told anyone about my idea, and honestly, no one will know about it until after it's done. It's keeping my mind quite busy, as I am very excited. I have no idea how long I will continue it, but I'm sure I'll know when I need to stop. Can't wait to tell you all eventually (promise some photos)!!!

Guess that's all for tonight, I should run off to bed, as I am still running a fever, and am generally feeling not-s0-good (however, I'm still dancing...)

Hey! Dylan Reid (a fella that I've had the pleasure of meeting a few solid times), who lives in Toronto, made this photo essay on the importance of posters around the city. You should check it out, because he knows what he's doing.


(have a good trip, mr. maas)


sarah p. said...

Nicole, remeber how much you said "p.s." this summer, and then I started saying it, and then one day we realized that we had to stop saying it, or we'd both go insane? Funny.

I forgot to mention that "Brick House" is another song that brings back the memories. Also, our day-off Eve song (Ladies, ladies, ladies).

sarah p. said...

I got what you need so tell me what you neeeeeeeed.

We need the same day off again. Seriously.

Anonymous said...


p.s. I have already been thinking about a new fun day off album. 2 copies of course! :P

can you say Rah Rah Rasputin!?!?!?!??!