Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Maaaaaddd Props....

I'll keep this short and sweet....

Thanks to Allison for giving me a fully radical haircut in my kitchen. Coolest best friend ever.

Huge late happy birthdays to Paul Whitehouse, my great pal and the best DJ I know, Andy, my little internet superstar, and Karen, one of my fav 'Queka gals.

Early birthday wishes for Selina, Melanie, and Jaymie. We have 3 birthdays at the store in 2 weeks!

Nicole and Jared, I miss gossiping with you....So much! Definite day off together this summer, okay?

Kate, I expect to see more of you around the CLC this summer, mmm-kay? We like you way too much to not have you around...Did that sentence make any sense?

Mr. Tucci, we are so glad to have you back as part of the team this year! You really rocked it hard last summer.

CLC girls, I shouldn't have to say anything....I think you all know how I feel. Miss you all so much my teeth hurt!

CITs, I can't wait to have you on staff with us. So glad you all got accepted!

Tyler, so glad you'll be my right-hand-man again this summer, and this time I won't have to share you with Johnny Stapes! Your help is always much appreciated (especially when a certain few campers, not naming any names, decide they really like photography, and proceed to kick their counselors and run off into the forest several times. Think you know who I'm talking about. Like I said...Not naming names).

Mr. Maas, thanks for being so flat-out rad.

Ron, thanks for being Ron. Glad you're around (even when you live a trillion miles away). Can't wait to meet your girl!

Aleisha, love you so much and hope to get to the 'Couve to see you in March.

Colin.....Hope you read this. Road trip at the end of the summer? Yes, please.

In fact, if you're reading this right now, you're probably someone I care about a lot....Thanks for being someone who is awesome enough for me to care about!

Okay, I'm going to stop writing like a 12-year-old girl right now. Sorry for getting so sappy, but sometimes this stuff is long overdue.

Lastly, Andre, one of my best pals at the store, is leaving for Holland tonight for a few weeks. Here's a good Andre story:

This one time, one of our customers, who is also Dutch, brought Andre some goat milk. Andre explained to me that all "true Europeans" should love goat milk. I said to him "Yeah, goat milk is okay....I had a goat named Jody once. He was pretty great."
I guess I didn't pause enough between my first and second sentences, because Andre gave me a very strange look, and said "Ummm...Sarah? I don't know what you were drinking, but male goats don't make milk......"
I had to explain to him that I didn't ever try to milk Jody (which wouldn't have had the most, umm, desirable results).



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Anonymous said...

miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

you're the coolest one ever :)

thanks for being you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Those crazy kids, i think we'll have to drop the hammer on them if they keep it up, but we had fun. There were times when i wanted to pick the children up and throw them into the lake. From a boat. In the middle of the lake. And get really far away. And as i go, laugh at them.
To be honest, you know i did next to nothing at the photo cabin besides destroy it, play photo freeze tag (which i think we should combine with ron to make a crazy photo-tennis combo), and lie in a hammock. But, we had some laughs.