Saturday, February 05, 2005


Tonight, I had to go to Selina's birthday party at the Back Alley. For those who don't know, picture Ditto's, but 100 times bigger, with a lot more filthy bar-stars and horny dudes. I didn't want to go, but it was kind of an obligation.

I thought tonight would be horrible, and it was...Until Nikki and I decided to make it into a good night. Nik was happy because she got the phone number of her secret crush, and I was happy because....Well, let's just say that I've been a happy kid lately (I'm winking in a certain direction). Anyway, we both were not interested in the whole "pick-up" vibe of the bar, but we still wanted to stay around. Our solution? Dance all night, but refuse to dance with anyone but ourselves and each other. Every time a guy would approach us, we'd tell them politely that we weren't interested....Maybe we'd have to tell them a couple of times. If they didn't listen after that, then Nikki would kick them in the shins.

I'm really tipsy still, and I wasn't a smart drinker tonight. I will be very sick in the morning. Nobody was around to keep me from drinking massive amounts of rum and rye (plus my standard gin and tonics).

Let me tell you one thing: it's really nice to come home with a clean conscience. I was such a good kid tonight (and honestly, I've been very good for quite some time now). I like this whole "good kid" deal....It's nice to have such an awesome reason to be good. Thanks! : )

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Anonymous said...

wow you guys would have fit right in at the Mardi Gras night at the Inn on Friday. Ladies were mackin'er all over the place....Pretty awful really, glad I was working patrol.

I love making unfun places FUN!
I think we should have a FUN mission on a day off this year...find some really unfun places and teach them how to be fun! Sause will be required of course!