Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I used to think....

Today, we got into a good conversation about things that we misunderstood as children. It's safe to say that my childhood mind was a very strange place......

*I thought, for the longest time, that all boys wore both boxers and briefs under their pants. The briefs would keep the boxers from getting dirty, so the guys could wear them multiple days in a row.

*When I was 5 or 6, I used to think that the Hall & Oates song "Sara Smile" was written just for me. Every time I would hear it on the radio, I would think about those nice men that wrote me my own song. In my mind, there was no other explaination for the inclusion of my name in a song.

*I used to thing that you would catch a cold from breathing in any cold air. I didn't mind having a cold in the winter, but didn't want to have one in the summer. So, during the summer months, when I would have to get something from the fridge or freezer, I would hold my breath and quickly open and close the door so that I didn't breathe in any cold air.

*When I was a child, my mom would bring our cats into my bedroom to keep me company if I was sick. I believed that our cats must have some sort of magical medicine in their fur that would help me to get better. Why else would she bring them in every time I was ill?

*I used to think a bus driver was the best job in the world. I thought that they got to keep their bus, and could take it wherever they pleased, whenever they pleased. I was set on becoming a bus driver when I grew up, until I learned the horrible truth.

*I used to have this strange belief that your heart, while beating, also swung freely on a rope in your chest cavity, like a pendulum in a grandfather clock. I thought that if you were ever stabbed in the chest, the knife would stop the swinging, and you would die...I didn't ever stop to think about the blood-loss.



Tooch MaGooch said...

I'm pretty sure that my entire childhood was one big lie. I've told Chris so many things that I believed actually happened to me and then my family debunks everything I ever thought I did! Ouch.

Anyways, I try to stay out of conversations like that, for fear I mislead everyone.

niccib said...

You were definatley an odd child. hahaha just kidding, I must say I enjoyed the one about catching a cold! hahahaha

sarah p. said...

...And this was coming from the child of a nurse that had debunked the myth many times for me. I didn't believe her for some reason.