Saturday, February 26, 2005

Responsible Sarah VS. Awesome Sarah

So, my mom, as an employee of the University of Calgary, gets a certain amount of money every year to spend at a computer store on supposedly educational materials. After the cash builds up for two years, the university forces you to spend it, or they take it away. The thing is, pretty much anything could be considered educational, right? Anyway, my mom and sister have no idea about computers and technology and stuff, so the money always goes to me. In the past, I've picked up a flat-bed scanner, a non-bootlegged copy of Photoshop, and some other good stuff.
Here's the dilemma:
A lot of people don't know this, but my adult self has two sides: the responsible side, and the awesome side.
The responsible side helps me keep kids in line during the summer, and makes sure I go to work enough to pay rent and bills. The awesome side of me forces me out to Ditto's when I'm tired, makes me make fun of the owner of the store when he's not around, and makes sure that I have a little fun sometimes, regardless of the consequences.
For quite some time, I've had my eye on a negative scanner (particularly this one). However, unlike having my film developed by someone else, it doesn't really bother me to have my negs professionally scanned (and it's cheap). Honestly, I don't even do a lot of digital manipulation anyway...I like to keep things old-school. It would be a good thing to have, but only on a rare occasion. Professionally, it would be a good thing to own, but I wouldn't enjoy it that much. Responsible Sarah would automatically buy the scanner.
However....I've also had my eye on an I-Pod for-pretty much-ever. I have so many songs on my computer that I don't know what to do with them all. I would enjoy the I-Pod so much, but it is not the responsible choice. Awesome Sarah thinks that the I-Pod is the right choice.
Am I going to be upset with myself if, while listening to some infinitely great music, I can't scan my negatives myself? I have $400 to spend, so I can probably only get a mini, but still....I would probably even have enough left over to get a memory card for my digital camera.

I don't know, guys.


niccib said...

i think responsible sarah has to much do you spend on getting others to scan your negs for you?

If it's a hell of a lot.. buy the scanner and then save some cash for an mp3 player. (I have one, holds like 28 songs and I just change the songs dependant on my mood)

If it is really only something you do once in a while start rockin out to some tunes ipod style

Tooch MaGooch said...

I'd go with Awesome Sarah, if you ask me. I mean, I suppose you do need to ask yourself where and how you'd listen to your ipod mini... I mean, would you go to the gym and work out whilst you rock out? Or, would you take the money left over for a device so that you can listen to it in a car instead of a memory card for your camera? How often would you listen to the ipod? Hmm... I suppose it's quite a complexing issue. Aarrr, I'm no help.

Ron said...

Go with the ipod. you answered your own question.