Monday, February 14, 2005

Party at Soucy's!

All of you camp kids will like this one.

For those of you who don't know, I met Mike Soucy two years ago in Connecticut. It just so happened that he was from Calgary. Anyway, he's a fun kid, so I was pretty jazzed to see him again. Unfortunately, Karen wasn't at the party, but I hope to see her soon, too!

So I got to Soucy's at about 8, but Soucy was still in the shower, so I hung out with Shane and Chris, two of Soucy's friends. I was more than excited to see Soucy....We really missed him at Awosting last summer. All summer, we would always say "Man, I wish Dirty Soucy was here right now". Soucy looks harmless enough, but he has a lethal sense of humor. It only took one beer to skyrocket Soucy into "Dirty Soucy" mode. I wasn't even going to drink...In fact, I was feeling so horrible that I brought orange juice to the party. Soucy was not having it, and soon we were drinking Coronas like it was going out of style. You know what? He was right, beer does make you feel better.

Shortly after, Kaylie, one of Soucy's co-workers, shows up. Soucy pours her a huge cup of Rum and Coke. At this point, we begin to play Dance Dance Revolution. We all took turns rocking out to "Pump Up the Jam". I decided that I am not very good at Dance Dance Revolution. Sometimes, drinking makes you kind of sluggish, so by the end, we were just putting the dance pad infront of us on the floor and sitting down while we played. DDR was taking up way too much energy, so we decide to play poker. I won the very first hand, and lost every other hand.
Chris went home, so we went down the street to Bottom's Up, the Killarney sports pub. Soucy and I shared a jug of Keiths (a little throwback to our east-coast pals). Anyone who knows me well knows that I am terrible at pool, so Soucy, not unlike a certain Mr. Paul Whitehouse in the summers, had to help me every step of the way. He would run to the other side of the table, and point at the ball, then run to my side of the table and move my arms so that my cue actually lined up with the ball, then run back to the other side of the table and point at the ball again, and tell me exactly where to hit the ball, and how hard. I still wasn't very good.

On the walk home, we passed by a Domino's, and decided that we needed pizza. We ordered, and while we were waiting, Shane told Soucy that he would run back to the house to "warm it up", which meant that he was going to pass out. While waiting for the pizza, we sat in a closet full of soda. It turns out that we weren't supposed to do that. Then, Kaylie said, jokingly, "I dare you to run into the Domino's kitchen, touch the back wall, and run back". We laughed about it for a minute, then Kaylie and I began to talk about something else. All of a sudden, we noticed that Soucy was gone. Then, we heard someone in the back say "What are you doing?". Then, Soucy walked out of the pizza kitchen. He touched the back wall. Surprisingly enough, they didn't kick us out, and actually gave us our pizza. We took it back to Soucy's and tried to wake Shane up. We spent a bunch of time talking to Shane while he slept, just to see what he would say. We got some awesome responses.

The night ended with Soucy and I laying on his kitchen floor, using Kaylie as a pillow. I took a cab home at about 2, and my stomach still hurts from laughing.

Soucy throws awesome parties.


sarah p. said...

Next up: I want to see both Karen AND Soucy. That's right...To-Geth-Er.
Is that asking too much?
I miss Karen.

niccib said...

Wow! Sounds like a pretty fun night! Wish I got to see soucy!
Thanks for the beer shoutout! Hope Alexander was good to you :)

I especially enjoyed the story from the pizza place, way to go!!