Thursday, February 24, 2005

Two lefties and the odd girl out.

Today, I didn't go to work. I got rid of a shift, and took the day off for no reason. I did have to trek all the way from the other side of town this morning, so I guess it was a good plan.

Last night, we watched The Delicate Art of Parking. I laughed quite a bit, which isn't saying much because I laugh at almost anything...Still, you should probably watch this movie.

I got off the C-Train at North Hill Mall at about noon today....I decided to walk home. On the way, I passed by A&A, which is a tiny middle eastern deli. There's a few mid-east delis in the city, but I'm pretty sure that the one in my neighborhood is best. Anyway, so I go there and get a falafel. They have some benches outside, and it was 10C outside (which, for all of you americans, is about 50F), so I ate my falafel outside. When I finished, I went in to say thanks, and I high-fived all of the 3 young guys working there, and they gave me a free popsicle!

I took it easy for the rest of the afternoon. Allison and Amy came and got me at 11-ish...I actually put on some nice clothes for once, and even wore nice shoes (not sneaks or flip-flops...Not even flat!). We were supposed to go to the Whiskey, but we didn't really feel like it. Instead, we ended up at the Lucky Liquor Lounge. I had a great night. I got to wiggle around in a booth while the DJ spun some of my favorite tracks, and I was with two of my favorite girls (who, oddly enough, are both left-handed).


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