Monday, March 26, 2007

Dollar Store.

I'm going to get a new job, eventually. However, until that day, I'm stuck pretending to be nice to people while I pretend that I care about their ocular health. The one redeeming thing about my job is the amazing dollar store across the hall. Amidst the jesus-candles and lint brushes are some pretty rad things. For example, how many dollar stores carry a huge assortment of chips? Not just any chips, either, but chips that make you stop for a second and say to yourself "no way, that flavor doesn't even exist". How many dollar stores have huge boxes of Bazooka Joe gum for sale? Sure, the gum sucks, and the comics are retarded and repetitive, but $1.50 for a box full of them? Easily the deal of the century. I bought a pack of bobby pins there, and the brand name was "Come To Tiger". Hilarious!

No matter where I end up in this world, one thing is for sure: I have some pretty outstanding memories about that dollar store. Wow.... Whoever takes care of their purchasing is a fucking genius.

~sarah p.

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