Sunday, March 04, 2007

Walking home (#1 Prostitute of the Year Award).

It's not normal for me to write this late at night, but after almost being kidnapped this evening (totally my own fault), I'm gonna be up smoking for a bit anyway.
I'm really not very sober, so please excuse the grammar.

Crystal finally had a night off, and it was time for an old-fashioned good time.

We went to the Rhino first, to say hi to Jon and Alana, and indulge in some $6.50 doubles.

Trev was there, and I think he's becoming quite the popular guy.

We went over to Hifi, and Phersmay, Crystal, and I had a dance-a-thon. Then, the girls left for the night. I danced for a bit, but there was too many "serious" dancers on the floor, and I'd had 6 million gin and sodas, so I decided to head home.

Next time I'm leaving somewhere, and I tell you I'm walking home at 2AM, physically force me into a cab. Yes, if I walk home, it saves me $10, but taking a cab spares me the cat-calls, the 3 different steoeotypical white vans pulling up and asking for "services" (because, as you can see, I was wearing straight-up hooker shoes), and the dude trying to drag me, by my sleeve, into his van. Good thing my kung-fu skills are so outstanding (kidding.... I actually just shook my arm, gave him my best ice-grill, told the dude to fuck off, and he let go of me).

The walk home is so pretty and quiet, but I really should know better by now. When I sober up, and really think about it, the amount of times that I almost end up on a milk carton in a month is far higher that the national average.

By the time I hit the pedestrian bridge over Memorial, I know I'm almost safe...

...Still, if there was awards handed for prostitutes (category being: # of terrifying white vans that try to pull up and take you away forever), then I think I'd probably win, hands-down (and I didn't even have to have sex with anyone for money!).

~sarah p.

eta- So.... It's morning, and I'm sober now. Lesson is: when you look like a 14-year-old runaway, you should stay far, far away from prostitute-alley at 2:30AM, or people will try to drag you into their white perv-vans.


Marco said...

so was that king britt? was it good? i would so have been there had i not had other matters to attend to...

sarah p. said...

Nooo... That's next Saturday. So is Pete Rock. Saturdays are becoming way too entertaining.

It was MyGayHusband. It was pretty good, but things got waaay too serious near the end of the night.