Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh hey, adulthood...

Today, I spent the day on the couch, getting better acquainted with daytime TV (at one point there were three different episodes of Seinfeld on at the same time), but at 2PM, I received a phone call.
I went and looked at a one-bedroom place on Monday, and the landlord had called to tell me that he had decided that I was the best candidate (for once, my "charm" actually worked on someone).

So, with my fever downgraded from 'fried egg on forehead' to 'mildly toasty', I bundled myself up and headed off to sign my very first solo lease. The landlord, who couldn't have been any older than 30, and I walked through the place again, and talked about the terms and conditions of the lease. He told me it's cool if I paint (awesome), and he said that "smoking is allowed, so long as it's not cigarettes or cigars", and then he winked at me. I gave him a good wink back on that one. I get your drift, dude.

The poor guy had to stand around for the longest time while I fumbled through writing the cheques. After not eating any solid foods for almost four days, my brain is not at it's finest right now (brains needs calories to work, son).

Say hello to Bankview's newest resident.... The only thing left is to trick someone into giving me a job that pays a proper wage, and I think that real adulthood may be just around the corner (juuuuust joking, you guys know me better than that).

~sarah p.

p.s. I'm feeling a little bit better tonight, but am left with a cough that literally skyrockets me into the "least attractive person in the world" category. My apologies to anyone that has to spend any amount of time around me this weekend.

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