Sunday, March 18, 2007

In it to win it.

I'm really not a big fan of "drinking holidays", but it was Saturday, so Breanne were heading out anyway. We get to the bar, and everyone was easily 10 drinks ahead of us, so we decided to throw ourselves in the game with a strong start at the Rhino.

We tried to take a picture in the bathroom (classy, I know), but weird shit kept happening. This photo, for example, has a creepy floating fist in the middle of it (which may or may not have been a leprechaun).

So, instead, some shitfaced girl took the photo for us.

Then, we go over to Broken to see Marco, and it was pretty quiet, as the bathrooms were literally broken (all of them except the staff bathroom in the back)... Good thing we got those stamps on our wrists at Amsterdam, or it coulda been a very interesting night.

Here's the thing, though..... We drank and drank, but we were really having a tough time getting tipsy.

What's the best cure for being sober? The answer, obviously, is Jagerbombs.... More on this later.

Cassius and Adrian were there, and Breanne was getting a lot of loving...

...But it's totally cool, cause things like grabbing boobs and kissing girls does not make these dudes sweaty, if you get my drift.

Ryan was cool enough to drive us to Macs to do some grocery shopping at 3AM, and then back to my place where we made frozen entrees and went to bed, sober and with empty wallets.

Maybe I've mentioned this before, but I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to caffeine, and all of those Jagerbombs we drank to try and "catch up" to everyone had me wide awake most of the night. If you were laying in bed and wondering if I was thinking about you last night, the chances are good that I totally was, as I had enough time to think about every person I've ever met in my life. Needless to say, Red Bull and I are no longer buddies.

~sarah p.

p.s. I'm sorry, but there is nothing in this world that puts me in a better mood than hearing either Kris Kross or Biggie's Juicy at the bar.


nurseynicole said...

Don't be mad at Red Bull. He just trys to get the job done. You can't have jagerbombs without redbull... and what's the sense in drinking with no jagerbombs?

I'm pretty proud of you and your jagerbombing. Jagerbombs and I are really good friends.

sarah p. said...

Nicole... Don't be fooled. Red Bull seems like a nice guy. You meet him, and he's all like "You look tired...Don't worry, baby. I'll make you feel really good."
Then, his pal Jager pops himself into the mix and is all like "I'm a harmless guy... I'm herbal, afterall". So you're all like "how can I go wrong?"

However, the next day, when you wake up from the least-restful sleep you've ever had, you're all like "Fucking Red Bull. Fucking Jager. I hate those guys".

It happens every time.