Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are you there, Screech? It's me, Sarah.

Today I ditched work for a couple of hours to go to the bank, and I thought I saw Screech downtown. Then, I saw this picture of him taken at Sundance, which is going on right now. It must have been one of those celebrity look-alikes that you can pay to go to your party (except with the Screech look-alike, he pays to come to your party).
Looking at Screech now kind-of makes me want to throw up, just like that stuff they give you at the hospital to induce vomiting. What's that stuff called again? Oh yeah.... Aspic.
After the whole "accidental" sex tape incident, I can barely even watch Saved By The Bell anymore, which is a damn shame for an insomniac like myself, because I always really enjoyed the sexual tension between Zach Morris and Slater.
....Guess it's back to watching poorly-prepared comedians fumble through a 5-minute set on Comedy at Club 54 at 5AM.

~sarah p.

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