Tuesday, January 30, 2007


You may as well just stab me in the heart right now. They already cancelled my new favorite show, and you can be damn sure that they're not going to put another show on the air where Latoya Jackson pats down car thieves, and then has to go to therapy because she's scared of a cat. Do you think I'm ever going to switch on my TV again and see Eric Estrada fart on a real cop, or see lil' Wee Man talking to a shoplifting teenage crackhead about turning around her life, while the teenage crackhead screams "Nooooo way. You can't arrest me, you're not a real cop", or Jack Osbourne put on a serious-face while sticking his hands down a guy's pants to check for weapons? I wish.

So long, Armed & Famous... Wednesdays will never be the same (just joking, Real World Denver is still on, so everything's fine).

~sarah p.

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