Saturday, January 15, 2005

Birthday fun.

Allison didn't tell me what we were doing tonight, she just told me to be ready by 8. I wore my "Facts of Life" shirt, and the belt that I pulled off of my bathing suit (I've never owned a real belt before, but the one off of my bathing suit seemed like a good idea tonight...It's pink!!!)
When Allison got here, we had some crackers and spent a bit of time with Jacob, then we began our fun.

So Allison and I began the night by showing up at a party full of Newfies and Westjet workers. If you've never been to a Newfie/Westjet party, let me tell you one thing: things can get a bit crazy. We left the party in the middle of a heated argument on how everyone was getting to the bar. By this time, I had already had a few beers, and the world seemed shiny and awesome.

We were going to show up at SAIT's bar, but it was flat-out shut down. So, we headed over to one of my old-school favorite neighborhood pubs, The Cat and Fiddle, where I had my first legal drink in Canada when I turned 18 (5 years ago...Holy cripes). We met a dude named Dallas that was this crazy drunken metal-head. He spent almost half an hour playing air guitar beside our table, then he got kicked out. It was pretty entertaining.

I don't usually like shots, I'm more of a gin and tonic girl, but I had a few tonight (along with my G&T, of course)....Even our sweet little waitress bought me a shot.

Pretty fun birthday. Tomorrow morning, Allison and I are going for breakfast at Lido's...The food is terrible, but they have these little jukeboxes on the table, and you can play "OPP" and "Rock You Like a Hurricane" while you eat. I love breakfast....It always helps me recover a bit quicker from the night before, and I'm certainly going to need some help tomorrow morning.



sarah p. said...

Ooooohhh yes...Nicole, I had some steak just for you tonight.So awesome, but it will never be as good as "our" steak.

Anonymous said...

that's money! :) Gotta love a good steak! :P

It's true our steak was uniquely special, almost as good as the super sharp butter knives we used to cut it!

Glad you had an awesome time!
Sorry I couldn't be there for the birthday bash...espcially since you went to a Maritimer party!!!! (Bet you were wishing you had the tunes with you!)

I heart you! :P ~n