Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I had no idea....

...But apparently, I know how to fix computers.

Last night, my computer was making some sad noises, so I was like "What's up, little buddy? Are you feeling okay?"
Then he was like "Yeah, I'm okay, I just need a little rest".
So, I turned him off for the night. This morning, I went to turn him on, and he kept making an effort to start up, but he just couldn't do it. I was a bit mad (and those who know me know that I don't usually get mad).
I went to work, and when I got home, I decided to try fixing him myself. This is the point in the story where I should caution you against trying to fix your own computer, it's probably not a good idea, and theoretically, I could have done a lot of damage. However....
I took off one of the sides of the tower and just kept turning screws inside. Then, I took one of my little paintbrushes and dusted the inside. Finally, I busted out some WD-40, and greased up some of the fans and stuff.
Anyway, I have no clue what I actually did, but when I plugged it back in, it worked. In fact, it is now booting up in half the time it was before.

I know, I don't get it either.

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