Friday, January 21, 2005

New tattoo??

After a long search....I think this is it. On a smaller scale, of course. Where do I put it?
I need to get some cash together first. Pretty sure I'm crazy broke right now. Every year around this time, the whole work visa ordeal slaughters all hope of actually having cash. Nicole, what agency are you going through this year? Bunac again? I'm not too sure about me...

Okay, I have so many great links to post, but I'll do it when I get up tomorrow...It's 4AM right now, and I need to get some sleeeeeeep.


Anonymous said...

Apparently since I am not a counselor I don't have to go through an agency I just sign some documents at the border through NAFTA. I found a website about it, but I am going to call/email the guy to make sure it applies to me since I will be a graduate nurse until I get my offical RN documents.
I think BUNAC is really the best option for us though that is what I used the last 2 years and had no trouble with it.

Tooch MaGooch said...

I love it! Do you have one on your back? I want another tattoo but I don't know what I want and do I want one that doesn't have meaning behind it? I'm torn. You should find a tattoo for me and then save up your money for the summer and we'll go together :)

sarah p. said...

Nope, none on my back....I just have one little bunny on the back of my right hip, just above my bum. maybe you've seen him sticking out the back of my pants? Pretty sure everyone has.

I would love to get it done in CT, especially with one of my favorite little amigos at my side. :)