Friday, January 14, 2005

The Fun Police better come and get me.

Seriously. I plan to have some good times tonight.

Haven't really done much today...I guess that's a birthday present to myself. I did drop off a roll of film...Should have some pretty great photos on it.

Otherwise, I've just been taking it easy, listening to some Nick Drake, and trying to decide where to eat tonight. My family is taking me out for a meal, but I've promised myself that I couldn't drink until 8. I'll have to make that very clear to them.

Here is a list of stuff I want for my birthday that I'll never get:

-A Grey Kangaroo (a booze-filtering system...I could drink cheaply for the rest of my life).

-This 12". Word to the wise: it's available at BeatStreet in Vancouver ; ) .

-A personal bodyguard for at work. I like my job, but it's pretty creepy. I have a 50-year-old real estate agent stalking me, countless dudes that ask for my number every time they come in (no matter how many times I'm like " thanks..."), and a bunch of wacky alcoholics that try to steal money out of my tip jar every chance they get.

-Various plane tickets. I miss you guys!

-For all of my friends to begin trying to pay for things in tales of adventure. If someone at the store asks you "Cash or Credit?", then ask them if they'd like to hear a story instead...I'm pretty sure this could be the greatest trend ever, if I could only get it off the ground. Yes...Tales of adventure.

Hey! Ron's message board is back up and running. I totally missed it...It's too bad that all of the old stuff was erased. Ron is great.

By the way...Your life is not complete until you've heard Nina Gordon's cover of "Straight Outta Compton".
I loved this NWA track when it first came out, and I think I just fell in love with it all over again. Do it.

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